On October 10, 2018, friends, members and supporters of the Foundation are invited to a special celebration of Universitas Friendship Day which will be held at the Universitas Headquarters located at Unit 109 Champagne 2, Escriva Drive, Pasig City.

Universitas Friendship Day celebrates the successes of the Foundation because of the continuous support of donors, partners, members and most especially, friends of the Foundation that led to achieving its goal to begin building the future by forming the leaders of society today. This day is made even more special as we celebrate the birthday of the Foundation’s founder and current President and CEO, no other than Atty. Oliver Tuazon. This day reminds us that without a man with vision to lead, and the support of trusted people found in true friendship, Universitas wouldn’t have been possible.

If you wish to be a friend of Universitas or supporter of the its future activities, projects and programs, please visit our support page for details in how you could help us in whatever way you can. No matter how small, your generous contribution will be very much appreciated.

Be our partner in forming principled leaders!

Universitas is a non-stock, non-profit organization relying heavily on the financial support of donors like you. Donations of any amount are very much appreciated, and would form part of the funds to be used for education, research, social welfare and outreach, and other endeavors aimed ultimately at the formation of future leaders who are competent, with the right character and a well-formed conscience.

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