Join Universitas in various ways:

1. Be a Supporter or Advocate. It is the simplest, no-frills way to join Universitas. If you adhere to our Foundational Principles, apply here. You will receive news and updates about Universitas, if you supply us with your e-mail address.

2. Be a FUN Member. FUN is short for Friends of Universitas. Aside from adhering to our Foundational Principles, they also support Universitas through monthly, quarterly, semestral, or annual donations. If you know of businesses that can offer discounts to FUN members, please let us know at Apply here.

3. Join the Universitas Fellows Program (UFP), the management-training arm of Universitas. Like FUN members, they also adhere to our Fundamental Principles and support Universitas through regular donations.  As management trainees, they have free access to the Universitas headquarters during office hours. Apply here.