Standing-room only. Audience show varied reactions to the presentation about Univesitas.

The office blessing of the Universitas Headquarters marked an important milestone for the Foundation’s members, donors, partners, and friends in achieving its goal in forming principled leaders. It is now a fully-functional venue and workplace for the people involved with the Foundation, for its activities, projects and programs aimed at forming leaders in line with Universitas’ brand of leadership – competent, with stable moral character and well-formed conscience.

However, the most-awaited event faced many challenges. It was forecasted that there would be strong winds and a heavy rainfall on the 15th of September due to a typhoon. Such prediction moved the officers to ask everyone to pray for good weather and voila, the whole duration of the blessing was blessed with a pleasant weather allowing guests to come and share with everyone else the blessings of that momentous day.

Bishop Mylo blesses the Project Development Room accompanied by Bino Socrates, Project Development Officer of Universitas

A warm welcome awaited the guests and most importantly, the officiating minister, Bishop Mylo Vergara. The blessing promptly began at 3:00PM in the presence of many notable guests such as Atty. DM Marasigan, Managing Partner of EMSAVIL Law Firm, Dr. Jose Maria Mariano, immediate past President of the University of Asia & the Pacific and some Deans of its various faculties, namely,  Dr. Jerry Kliatchko of the School of Communication, Dr. Nick Alviar of the School of Law and Governance, Dr. Florencio Gaa of the School of Sciences and Engineering, and Dr. George Manzano of the School of Economics, among others.

In his homily, Bishop Mylo believed that Universitas offers a perspective of how leaders should be not only in the Philippines but the rest of the world. He emphasized that the qualities of a leader should always include another “C”, compassion, aside from competence, character and a well-formed conscience.  Incidentally, the social welfare and outreach arm of Universitas aims precisely at forming leaders into the virtue of compassion.

“May ika-apat dapat, compassion. ‘Yan ang kulang sa leadership today, and that’s actually what Pope Francis has been trying to emphasize, we may, in whatever work we do, given our leadership we do at home, in the office, in the government, in any institution, we may be distant without compassion, I think (that is when) we fall short of leadership.”

He continued by inspiring young leaders to always think that as leaders, one must be ready to suffer with people on all aspects of our lives through the example of Our Lady of Sorrows, whose feast day was also celebrated on that day.

The blessing of the rooms commenced shortly thereafter. A light merienda was then served to the guests in the office, followed by a message from the President and CEO of Universitas, Atty. Oliver M. Tuazon.

Before the guests left, they were encouraged to take home well-designed Universitas Donation Pots which was an initiative by the Core Group for the Foundation to receive generous contributions and support from families and friends present in the blessing who share the same goals as the Foundation.

The CEO with the Marasigan sisters whose brother Miggy, now doing graduate studies abroad, was a beneficiary of Universitas

Looking back at the past few months putting together a small office,  given our modest means, while at the same time working on creating a conducive work environment for leaders, one would say that it’s worth all the sacrifices involved.  We thank all the donors who contributed everything you see in the office, down to the last staple wire. We worked hard to put together a good office so that you would see where your donations went, and that it is worth investing your resources on us. It might not be obvious, but the latest product of the Universitas brand of leadership is none other than the Universitas Office itself. We would like to continue counting on your generous donations.

The THANK YOU e-card sent by the members of the Core Group to those who came for the blessing.

NOTA BENE: The views, thoughts, and opinions expressed in the text belong solely to the author, and the speakers mentioned in the article, and not necessarily to the Foundation.

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