Universitas Lawyers’ Quarterly (ULQ) is the Foundation’s event specifically committed to promoting a culture of integrity and morality in the legal profession. Every quarter of the year, lawyers and law students gather in the Foundation’s office to interact and discuss over food and cocktails their personal, academic and professional experiences in the field of law. 

A speaker who is distinguished for his or her contribution to the legal profession, while maintaining a reputation for competence, stable moral character and well-formed conscience, is invited to give a talk and share with the audience some valuable insights about the practice of law in the country. 


MAY 15, 2020 – It isn’t everyday that one gets to converse with the Cabinet Secretary about the role of lawyers in a pandemic. The participants of the Universitas Lawyers’ Quarterly (ULQ) held last May 5, 2020, however, had the fortune of attending a Zoom online conference on this topic with no less than Cabinet Secretary Karlo Nograles as the speaker.” […] Read More

JANUARY 21, 2020, Pasig City – The Foundation jump-started 2020 with its first activity for the year, the Universitas Lawyers Quarterly (ULQ), last January 9. The speaker for the event was no less than Atty. Paulo Garcia, a Member of Parliament (MP) of New Zealand, and the only Filipino who now holds a national elective post in a foreign country to which he migrated.  […] Read More

This year’s final installment of the Universitas Lawyers’ Quarterly (ULQ) last October 25, 2019 was graced by one of the most renowned lawyers in the Philippines, Dean Nilo T. Divina. A respected law practitioner and expert in commercial law, he is the managing partner of one of the fastest growing law firms today. He is also the beloved  law dean of the University of Santo Tomas, a law professor, author, sought-after bar reviewer, and mentor to many bright young lawyers in the country. A true inspiration and embodiment of character, competence, and conscience, the eagerness and excitement of the lawyers and law students who filled the V headquarters that evening was palpable..  […] Read More

Although the event fell on a rainy Thursday evening, the young lawyers and law students of Universitas were not deterred by the weather from attending the third Universitas Lawyers Quarterly (ULQ) last August 8, 2019, especially given that the guest speaker was no less than the incumbent President of the Integrated Bar of the Philippines (IBP) Atty. Egon Cayosa himself. What with all the issues currently being addressed by the IBP, such as the recent spike in violence against lawyers and magistrates, the participants were eager to hear from the guest speaker. Having also braved the rain, Atty. Cayosa was in high spirits, mingling with the participants and staff of Universitas, even entertaining selfies, during the cocktail reception.   […] Read More

When we think of people we admire, we tend to have mixed feelings of admiration and envy. Admiration for their achievements, but at the same time, envy for how lucky their lives turned out to be – much better than ours. We end up telling ourselves, surely, their achievements must have been planned, that where they are now was the result of decades of meticulous planning and hard work. We end up believing that the only way to succeed is to have a plan and stick to it with absolute focus.

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Last January 24, 2019 was a big day for the Universitas Foundation, as it launched the Universitas Lawyers Quarterly, meant to be a friendly venue for lawyers and law students to get to hear notable and experienced guest speakers, who exemplify the values of competence, character, compassion, and integrity, all of which lie at the core of Universitas’ leadership formation.

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