The Universitas Fellows’ Night (UFN) is a monthly gathering of Universitas fellows, UFP fellows (those who are still undergoing the Universitas Fellows Program), and their friends. The UFN is intended to foster friendship and camaraderie among the people closely involved in running the affairs of the Foundation. 

Each Fellows’ Night features a guest speaker who would share personal knowledge, experiences and insights from their own field of profession or interest, which are hoped to inspire the fellows in living out the core principles of the Foundation, namely, competence, character and conscience. Some of the guest speakers in the past UFN’s include Dr. Jose Maria Mariano (former president of University of Asia & the Pacific), and Atty. Alex Lacson (prominent lawyer and best-selling author).

The UFN also provides opportunity for the fellows to bring and introduce their friends to Universitas. 


The inaugural Universitas Fellows’ Night took place last February 13, 2019, a day before Valentine’s Day, when people all over the world would traditionally celebrate love. Universitas Fellows and their friends gathered at the “V” office to celebrate a different kind of love – love of service. […] Read More

The Universitas Fellows’ Night, a monthly gathering that fosters camaraderie and friendship among those closely involved in running the affairs of the Foundation, held its second run last March 20, 2019, featuring Dr. Jose Maria “Jojo” Mariano as the evening’s speaker. Dr. Mariano, former university president and currently an associate professor of University of Asia and the Pacific (UA&P), has already taken part in several activities of Universitas.[…] Read More

The latest of the Universitas Fellows’ Night (UFN) series, held last April 3, 2019 at the V Headquarters, was seasoned with international flavor as Universitas Chief Operating Officer, Morize Arenal, shared an account of his experiences participating in different fellowship programs abroad, particularly the ones organized by the Elm Institute in New Haven, and the Kolegium Antona Neuwirtha (KAN) in Slovakia. […] Read More

The Universitas Fellows’ Night (UFN) last June 6, 2019 featured Atty. Alexander L. Lacson who spoke on the three biggest dangers our country faces today.

Atty. Lacson is best known as the bestselling author of the book 12 Little Things Every Filipino Can Do to Help Our Country. A prolific writer, he has penned several books that promote love for our country. He also wrote the poem “I am Filipino”, which is now being memorized by many elementary students in schools nationwide.

[…] Read More

Leadership is a topic that is, admittedly, talked about ad nauseam by scores of influential speakers. Lead from the front, lead by example, and list of oft-repeated catchphrases shared in typical fora on the subject goes on. 

But leadership, more than just the inspirational speeches, is about being the best person possible and inspiring others to do the same. Leadership, to be developed, requires practice even more than it requires the most logical theory.  […] Read More