Universitas’ vision of forming leaders who are competent, with stable character and well-formed conscience is explained in detail through its foundational course called Back to the Basics (B2B). All applicants to the Universitas Fellowship Program  have to complete B2B before they could be admitted either as Associates or Fellows.

Many young people want to change the world.  But many of them remain in that desire. A former presidential candidate once said, “When I was 20, I wanted to change the world; When I was 30, I wanted to change my country; When I was 60, I realized I only wanted to change myself.”  Incidentally, the reference book of this course poses this challenge to its readers: “Before we dream of changing the world, we have to start changing ourselves. We have to undergo serious formation.”


The course follows the contents of the book edited by the President of Universitas, entitled, “Back to the basics: principles and values for nation building”. The first session is mandatory before one could attend the other sessions, which can be taken randomly. Each participant is expected to have a copy of the book  on hand during the sessions, which will consist of reading and commentaries of the following topics in the book:


I. Introduction to the Course

II. Excellence and Sense of Duty

III. Values and Virtues

IV. Science and ConScience

V. The Need for Depth

VI. Sense of Mission

VII. Leadership and Self-Giving


Why Back to the Basics?

The need for formation

The steel component: excellence and sense of duty

The gravel, sand and pebble components: the virtues

The cementing material: faith

A foundation that is deep

The need for role models

Some final words – pass it on!



Back to the Basics is now available online and welcomes participants to join either of the two upcoming sessions:

3-day intensive online course in Europe from August 24-26 at 10:00 CET/16:00H-18:00H PST. Register for free by contacting bino@universitas.ph or Whatsapp +639178297701.

7-day regular online course in the Asia Pacific on Saturdays from September 12 – December 5 at 8:30-9:30PM PST/2:30-3:30PM CET. Register for free at https://bit.ly/b2b-asiapacific


Universality, a concept contained within the very name of the Foundation, occupies a major part in the spirit and message of Universitas. Indeed, the Foundation is anchored on values which are valid regardless of one’s cultural or geographical backgrounds. That said, Universitas commits itself to transcending Philippine borders and planting the seeds of its advocacy in different parts of the world.


Last Aug. 24-26, the Foundation conducted the Back to the Basics (B2B) course in the Netherlands under the coordination of Mr. Bino Socrates, Executive Director of its International Linkages Program. The first part was held in Maastricht, and the second part was in Utrecht. The whole program was led by Atty. Oliver Tuazon who is doing his graduate studies in the same country. […] Read More.

Universitas, Latin for “Universality,” aims to gather young people from different cultural backgrounds with the purpose of forming youth leaders and responsible citizens who, grounded in virtues, are to face societal issues. Universitas recognizes that competence, stable moral character and a well-formed conscience are essential for the formation of youth leaders. It thus offers diverse programs that train competent youth leaders to become good examples for other young people in living virtuous lives.


In this pursuit, the 3-day intensive online course in Europe from August 24-26, 2020, delivered by Atty. Oliver M. Tuazon, gave the attendees an opportunity to gain a deeper understanding about the values and principles necessary for building a better society. […] Read More.

JUNE 18, 2020 – Last June 8, the fifth of the seven sessions of the Back to the Basics Online Course was held via Zoom Webinar. This time, however, instead of Universitas President Atty. Oliver Tuazon giving the talk, it was Mr. Paul Graas who facilitated the discussion, primarily focusing on the subject of “depth.”


Paul presently works at Instudo Foundation, where he sets up activities focused on character building and social impact for students and young professionals. Inside Instudo, he is a director of Studiecentrum Lepelenburg (Utrecht), a residence for students and a study centre, where young people come to receive academic, cultural and spiritual formation. […] Read More.



Philip is the current Project Manager of the Universitas Back to the Basics (B2B) Course and Principled Leadership Course (PLC), activities which are both aimed towards forming future young leaders. He works as a lawyer at a Makati-based firm, and handles labor, corporate and litigation matters. He finished his law degree at the University of Santo Tomas in 2018 and passed the bar exams administered in the same year. When he’s not doing any legal or advocacy work, he usually catches up with his friends or listens to podcasts on self-help or personal finance.