The bar candidates (L-R): Dardecs Villanueva, Philip Padlan, Joey Socrates and Neil Nabuab.

It’s “bar season” once again. Non-lawyers may have to be told that we are not referring to hopping from one bar to another—it’s the time when law graduates take the bar examinations during the first four Sundays of November.

All the activities carried out by the Foundation in relation to the bar examinations is collectively called as the Universitas Bar Project. Last year three alumni of Universitas’ Inquies Pro Lege project all made it to the bar. This year, another set of alumni of Inquies Pro Lege, and the Chief Finance Officer of Universitas, will be taking the bar exams. 

Atty. Laurence Soriao (in white barong) and Atty. Angela Butalid delivering their messages to the bar candidates.

To send them off to what is known as the hardest professional examination in the Philippines, Universitas held a simple gathering at the headquarters last October 25, Thursday. Friends sent food and drinks for the occasion—the usual Universitas potluck!

Happy exchanges during the potluck dinner.

The lawyers who were present delivered their inspirational messages—and tips on how to survive the bar—before the evening’s toast. Atty. Angela Butalid reminded them that the bar is not just a mental exercise—it is also physical. And so, she advised them to eat food that will not be harmful to them as they cannot afford to be sick during the exams.  She ended saying: “Make this the best performance of your life.”

After delivering his message to the bar candidates, Atty. Kyle Bollozos (left) shared a smile with Jaio Aquino, who brought Indonesian desserts from their new restaurant called Lezzat.

Atty. Laurence Soriao tried to put their feet on the ground when he said that no matter how much it is glamorized, at the end of the day, it is just an exam.  He recalled at one point how many wakes he and his friends had to attend during the bar season, emphasizing the point that they should not drop everything just for the bar.  For his part, Atty. Kyle Bollozos recalled the daily regimen he underwent with his friends when he was taking the bar, including spending time for prayer, exercise and chats with friends.

After the lawyers gave their messages, everyone toasted for the bar candidates.

Everyone drank to the toast—a prayer of petition, actually—for 100% passing for all the volunteers of Universitas, and hopefully at least one of them land in the Top 10! The President & CEO of Universitas, who was once a Consultant at the University of Asia and the Pacific’s Institute of Law, also toasted for the same intention for the first batch of bar takers from the said university. Please send your prayers, too!

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