by Therese Palilio and Kim Cajucom

In the midst of the pandemic, the Inquies Pro Lege 2020 team successfully conducted a four-week long webinar series for law enthusiasts and budding lawyers held on the four Saturdays of September 2020.

Since its inception in 2014, this year was the first in its installation that Inquies Pro Lege (“IPL”) was done virtually. “We thought that this was the perfect way to reach out to more law students online. It was difficult but extremely fruitful for both the organizers and the participants,” uttered by this year’s IPL Course Director, Ms. Kim Cajucom.

Graced by the presence of the country’s renowned professionals and legal minds, the month-long webinar series was comprised of the following schedule:

  • First Saturday (5 September): “Law School in a time of COVID – Young Lawyers Speak: Is Law School still Worth It?” by Atty. Tomas P. Socrates, Atty. Neil L. Nabuab, Atty. Joel D. Arzaga, and Atty. Angela G. Butalid
  • Second Saturday (12 September): “How to Pass the Bar and Life as a Litigator” by Atty. Raymond Parsifal A. Fortun
  • Third Saturday (19 September): “Memory Training” by Mr. Robert M. Racasa
  • Fourth Saturday (26 September): “Love for the Nation through the Study of Law” by Atty. Lara Nicole Gonzales, C.P.A. and Atty. Jan Louenn L. Lumanta

In addition to the above guest speakers, IPL 2020 also introduced a new segment called “Insights on Principled Leadership” which provided virtuous talks in line with the thrust of Universitas Foundation Inc. in forming principled leaders. Among the speakers who shared their personal views and experiences on certain virtues were Ms. Kim Cajucom on “Humility: How Law School Can Make you Bitter or Better,” Mr. Isaac Tambunting on “Cheerfulness: Secret to Success in Law School,” and Ms. Therese Palillo on “Choose to Bend without Breaking: A Talk on the Virtue of Resilience.”

Ms. Therese Palilio giving a talk on the virtue of resilience

In the end, the Webinar was welcomed with grateful participants and aspiring law students. As Johann Franz Yngson, an IPL 2020 participant comments “Please realize you are doing great service for us incoming law freshies.” He further comments that the speakers were “Very insightful. [The talks] demystified the experience and gave me insights on how to pragmatically approach law studies and having a level-headed attitude for the Bar exam.”

NOTA BENE: The views, thoughts, and opinions expressed in the text belong solely to the author, and the speakers mentioned in the article, and not necessarily to the Foundation.