A quotation often attributed to the Greek philosopher Plato READS, “the City is what it is because the citizens are what they are”.

In keeping with Universitas’ thrust of promoting and upholding universally-valid morals and values in society, the Foundation invites young people to examine the roots of nation-building and, in this context, the role of responsible citizenship, as Universitas brings, “BACK TO THE BASICS: A Course on the Principles and Values for Nation-Building” (“B2B” for short).

The course consists of a series of weekly group discussions revolving around the content of the book Back to the Basics: Fundamental Principles and Values for Nation-Building (2012).

The book was edited and co-written by Oliver M. Tuazon, the President & CEO of Universitas. It contains  a collection of essays on a variety of topics by different authors, each offering their insights regarding the universality of values and “the need to grow in virtues to develop one’s potentials to the full.” As a whole, the book encourages its readers to have a personal involvement in nation building.

Each B2B course is spearheaded by a volunteer facilitator, who is expected to gather friends for a weekly thirty-minute group discussion covering the chapters of the book. After completing a series of discussions, each participant is then expected to form his/her own group to facilitate. Thus, as the number of discussion groups grows, the ideals which B2DB6 promotes gain greater reach.

Universitas rolled-out its first post-incorporation session of B2B last April 14, 2018 attended by some young professionals working in Makati, Ortigas and Eastwood.

New participants may join the sessions after undergoing an introductory talk, which could be arranged with any facilitator.

For more details, please contact fpc@universitas.ph.

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