How to apply?

  1. Accomplish the application form (with 3 essays, 500 words max per response).
  2. Prepare your updated resume / curriculum vitae.
  3. Secure two (2) confidential letters of recommendation from your supervisor, professor, or any relevant individual who is not your relative. The letter shall include notes about your strengths and weaknesses, leadership capability, and integrity at work.
  4. Send the documents to The subject line shall read, UFP Application: [Last Name], [Given Name]_[Jr Associate / Sr Associate / Jr Fellow / Sr Fellow]. (Example: UFP Application: Dela Cruz, Juan_Jr Fellow)


What else to expect?

  • Duration of the program. The distinction of being an Associate or Fellow depends on the accomplishment of the requirements as listed in the Universitas Fellows Program page.
  • Induction of Fellows. Every December, there will be a formal event where new Associates and Fellows are awarded their respective distinctions.