Some Final WOrds — Pass it On!

We cannot keep good things to ourselves. Goodness, by its very essence, demands communicating it to others. It is diffusive. If you sincerely believe in the goodness of this cause- of building your life on a sense of duty, virtue and love for God- you will necessarily share this with others starting with your own family and friends. Otherwise, I am afraid that you have not understood it well.


Goodness is a spiritual treasure. Unlike a material thing, you gain more of it the more you share it with others. If you have ten cookies, and you give half of them to your friend, you will only have five for yourself. But the ability to give requires generosity- even just a bit of it- which adds to your “goodness.” You may have 5 cookies less, but you have gained more generosity, more goodness.

I always tell my friends that the problem of this world is the “good people.” Let me explain. What I mean with “good people” are those who are contented with their own lives and do not bother to help the others. They are not actually good, they are just “good” or more aptly, goodish or “nice guys.” As the saying goes, for evil to triumph, it is enough for good people not to do anything.


I hope that this chapter has sparked you even just a little- a bit that may start to ignite your passion to help build our nation with your own life and help others to do the same! Live it and pass it on!

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