Martina Olivarez is a co-project manager for the Principled Leadership Course of the Universitas Foundation, Inc. She is currently taking her undergraduate degree of BS Psychology in De La Salle University Manila. As a high school student from PAREF Rosehill, she wrote for her school’s publication, pioneered the school’s official broadcasting team, and volunteered in leadership camps, rural service projects, and medical missions. She is a former vice chairperson in her college student government and a former junior officer in other organizations dedicated to the hard sciences, such as chemistry and biology. She currently works as the assistant Vice President for Publications in her university’s organization, Archers for UNICEF, and is a member of Samahan ng mga Mag-Aaral sa Sikolohiya and DLSU Societas Vitae. When she’s not busy, she’s building up her love for stories by chatting with people, watching a TV series, or reading adventure books, and exercising her creativity by bullet journaling, writing, or painting.