Neil is the Chief Legal Officer of Universitas. He obtained his Juris Doctor from the  University of Santo Tomas Faculty of Civil Law in 2018 and was admitted to the Bar in 2019. He now works in a law firm in Ortigas and focuses on litigation and money-laundering cases. He was an inducted member of the University of Santo Tomas Mountaineering Club where he served as its President in 2013.



Jocs is the Membership Officer (Corporate Membership/Partnership) of Universitas. A graduate of Business Administration and Juris Doctor of the University of the Philippine, Jocs is a tax lawyer at day and human rights lawyer at night. He is currently connected with Salvador Llanillo & Bernardo as a Senior Associate. He also co-founded a couple of organizations, such as Leflegis, an organization of passionate lawyers dedicated in upholding the fundamental principles of democracy, and LIPAD PH – a startup that advocates for the promotion of Filipino creativity and innovation and the protection of intellectual property rights. Aside from working hard on his advocacies, he enjoys playing volleyball, long walks on the beach, or lazy time on the sofa playing video games (PC, PS4, Nintendo Switch).