Inquies Pro Lege 2018 continued Week 2 of its midterm course and was one for the books—the participants and project staff were graced by the presence of some of the top lawyers in the country who shared their insights on a myriad of topics, from good study habits to serving the marginalized.

Day 1 (July 12) of Week 2 started with the participants continuing with their study of certain landmark cases decided by the Supreme Court. Mr. Tomas Socrates, one of the advisers of Inquies Pro Lege, gave an inspiring talk on the virtue of Order. The morning was capped with a session led by Universitas Foundation, Inc. President and CEO Atty. Oliver Tuazon, who gave the participants feedback on the work they have did the previous week on a particular Supreme Court decision.

In the afternoon, the participants and staff engaged in a focused group discussion and shared their experiences, particularly those on the mind of law students given the current political and social climate. The participants then continued in their study of jurisprudence assigned by Atty. Tuazon. The day was capped with a film-showing of “Man for all Seasons”, a movie about St. Thomas More, the patron saint of lawyers, statesmen, and politicians.

Lecture on Criminal Law with Atty. James Imbong

Day 2 (July 13) began with a lecture on Criminal Law by Atty. James Imbong. Atty. Imbong laid down the basic concepts of criminal law for the participants. After lunch, Atty. Laurence Soriao, an alumnus of Inquies Pro Lege, gave a talk on “Study”. Atty. Soriao was generous on his tips on how law students can study well in law school and how they may prepare for the bar examinations.

Virtues Talk on Study with Atty. Laurence Soriao

Day 2 of Week 2 however was headlined by a visit to the Office of the Vice President.  At 2:45 PM, the participants and staff traveled to New Manila for their get-together with Vice President Leni Robredo. The Vice President, a lawyer herself, imparted her experience working in the Public Attorney’s Office as well as in SALIGAN, a group engaged in alternative and developmental lawyering. The Vice President encouraged those participating in IPL 2018 to serve their countrymen, especially the poor and marginalized, those who need the services of a lawyer but simply cannot afford it.

While waiting for Vice President Leni Robredo

Get-Together with Vice President Leni Robredo

On the final day of Week 2, the program began with a virtues talk on “Perseverance” by Atty. Kyle Bollozos, the Corporate Secretary and Chief Legal Officer of Universitas Foundation, Inc. He talked about the importance of striving and being resilient through difficulties. This was followed by a workshop on Constitutional Law given by Atty. Joren Sereno. In the session, Atty. Sereno made comparisons between our present 1987 Constitution and the proposed Federal Constitution in order to give the participants and staff of IPL 2018 an idea of the implications of the proposed draft. In the afternoon, Atty. Pedro N. Tanchuling, a seasoned litigator, gave an enlightening lecture on Trial Technique. He shared his experiences and gave some tips on how to handle both civil and criminal cases.

Workshop on Constitutional Law with Atty. Joren Sereno

Lecture on Trial Technique with Atty. Pedro N. Tanchuling

Inquies Pro Lege 2018 aims to provide a holistic understanding of the law to our future lawyers and leaders while at the same time instilling in them virtues. Week 2 took definitive strides in accomplishing this goal.

Week 3 is still open to applicants. For interested applicants, please follow the application process as provided below:

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