Select a TOPIC

I. Building the Foundation

         A. Why back to basics?

         B. The steel component: excellence and sense of duty

         C. The gravel, sand and pebble components: virtues

         D. The cementing material: faith

         E. A foundation that is deep

         F. The need for role models

         G. Getting more concrete: VOICES analysis

         H.  Some final words — pass it on!

II. Values and Virtues: food for the soul

         A. Nourishing a person’s inner life

         B. A war of cultures

         C. Subjectivity and Objectivity in moral behavior

         D. More on subjective freedom

         E. And now objective moral norms

         F. Freedom misunderstood

         G. A summary of virtues

         H. A matter of conscience

III. Good Governance and Responsible Citizenship

         A. Principles of Good Governance

         B. Proper Governance Practices

         C. The Demands of Responsible Citizenship

IV. On Character and Formation

         A. What is Character?

         B.  The need for formation

         C. Lay your Hammer down

         D.  Teaching the Virtues

         E. Table Manners for the Home

V. On Freedom and Direction

         A. Freedom and its counterfeit

         B. In defense of academic Freedom

         C. What is Spiritual Direction?

VI. On Love, Sexuality and Friendship

        A. I would rather…

        B. By dint of affection

        C. Art and Pornography

        D. Teen-age dating and going steady