Universitas Foundation, Inc. (UFI) or Universitas for short is a non-stock, non-profit organization duly-registered at the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) of the Republic of the Philippines [Company Reg. No. CN201801950], following the provisions of Title XI of B.P. 68 or the Corporation Code of the Philippines.


Universitas started in the year 2003 as an organization of scholars, youth leaders and volunteers, whose officers were mainly from the University of the Philippines. Its principal aim was to foster among its members a spirit of excellence and service to society and to promote values education among the youth. On December 12, 2017, the last chairperson of the organization and its founding adviser, together with other friends, decided to begin its process of incorporation as a non-stock corporation, paving the way for its legal incorporation in 2018.

Latin for “universality”, Universitas’ name signifies the Foundation’s thrust of promoting and upholding universally-valid morals and values in society in the belief that right upbringing is crucial in forming future leaders. Universitas believes that good governance can be traced back to the formation received by leaders, with the right values planted in their hearts and minds while they are young.


A country led, directed and managed by leaders who are competent, with stable moral character and well-formed conscience.


To provide programs, projects, activities, venues, structures and institutions for the development of moral character, as a necessary and stable foundation for nation building, starting with the youth, through education, research and social welfare and outreach.


1. To develop programs to form future leaders covering three general areas: a. education, formation and mentoring; b. research, publication and new media; c. social welfare and outreach, scholarship and grants/awards;

2. Under the education, formation and mentoring program:

  1. a)  To develop and impart basic courses on the various aspects of the life of a person—human, professional, educational-academic, physical-athletic, social, cultural, spiritual, environmental—to its beneficiaries;
  2. b)  To develop and impart short courses, seminars and conferences for the holistic development of its beneficiaries;
  3. c)  To develop and provide training and formation for mentors, and to provide mentors to help guide young people for their holistic development.
  1. Under the research, publication and new media program:
    d) To provide facilities and resources for research work—through the ethics ofreason, rule of law, universality of values and virtues and the common good— concerning contemporary issues, such as, but not limited to respect for basic human and socio-civic rights, respect for the independence of State and Church affairs, while acknowledging their necessary cooperation for full human flourishing;

    1. e)  To publish research materials as well as books, manuals, briefings, magazines, journals and the like—electronically or in print—that promote the ideals of the foundation;
    2. f)  To create new media and get involved in contemporary modes of spreading good ideas through social media, for the promotion of the ethics of reason, rule of law, universality of values and virtues and the common good.
  2. Under the social welfare and outreach, scholarship and grants/awards program:
    1. g)  To develop and promote social welfare and outreach projects that will help its beneficiaries render service to society, especially the less fortunate and themarginalized;
    2. h)  To provide scholarships to qualified beneficiaries for study, research andpersonal and professional development purposes;
    3. i)  To provide grants and awards to deserving individuals or institutions whichpromote the objectives of the foundation.
  3. To provide other venues and institutions, and partner with local and internationalorganizations, for the holistic formation of its beneficiaries as means to help in their formation as future leaders.